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Bellows Type Coupling

Bellows Type Coupling is a form of flexible coupling that consists of two clamping hubs that are linked by a series of flexible stainless steel or bronze bellows. Since the corrugations absorb axial forces caused by thermal expansion as the motor gets hot, bellows couplings can operate at higher temperatures than elastomer couplings. The bellows are compact and have thin walls, allowing them to be flexible in situations involving slight angular, axial, or parallel misalignment while retaining a rigid torsional link between shafts or other joined parts. Bellows couplings have the highest torsional stiffness and are often used in applications that require high precision positioning.

Product Image (MFB-C)

MFB-C Series

  • Application:Encoder
  • Material:Aluminum Alloy
Product Image (MFBS-C)

MFBS-C Series

  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Application:Application: Encoder
  • Bore:3-14
  • Outer Diameter:12-32 Millimeter (mm)