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Disk Type Coupling

A Disk Type Coupling is a type of flexible coupling that can normally accommodate speeds of up to 10,000 rpm and is best adapted for higher performance motion control purposes The coupling transmits torque tangentially on a standard bolt circle from a driving to a driven bolt. This torque is transferred between the bolts via a pack of thin stainless steel disks. The deformation of the material between the bolts causes the couplings to be flexible. Disc couplings are often used on large industrial equipment like generators, compressors, mixers, etc. They are ideal for medium and heavy-duty applications where coupling equilibrium is critical. 

Product Image (XHW)

XHW Series

disk type flexible coupling

Product Image (XGHW-C)

XGHW-C Series

Flexible couplings with vibration absorption function added to high rigidity couplings

Product Image (XBW-C)

XBW-C Series

disk type flexible coupling

Product Image (XBWS-C)

XBWS-C Series

disk type flexible coupling