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Jaw Type Coupling

In general, Jaw Type Coupling is an all-purpose industrial power transmission system that can withstand angular misalignment and the associated reactionary loads, avoids contaminants, and has reasonable speed and dampening capability. A simple jaw coupling consists of three parts: two hubs bored to a clearance fit resistance, and an elastomeric insert. These inserts, also known as spiders, are intended to survive for a long time but must inevitably be replaced. These couplings are also lubricated-free. Unlike gear or chain couplings, which must be greased on a regular basis, a jaw coupling can continue to function as long as the insert is intact.

Product Image (MJC series)

MJC Series

Torque: Min.: 0.7 Nm (0.52 Max.: 560 Nm (413.03 Rotational speed: Min.: 6000 rpm (37699.11 rad.min-1) Max.: 45000 rpm (282743.34 rad.min-1)

Product Image (MJS series)

MJS Series

  • Outer Diameter:40-65 Millimeter (mm)
  • Bore:8-38
  • Application:XY stage / Index table / Machine tool / Injection molding machine
  • Material:Aluminum