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Rigid Type Coupling

Rigid Type Coupling are a form of coupling that can be used only when the shafts are perfectly aligned. A rigid coupling is only appropriate for shafts that are in near alignment or are kept in alignment. Torque can be transferred to the shafts and bearings if they are not matched, resulting in premature loss. A rigid coupling, unlike most other types of couplings, lacks a flexible feature.Rigid couplings are classified into three types including flanged, clamped and sleeve. A rigid coupling for industrial shafting may be a sleeve with the shafts pushed into each end or a clamping sleeve. 

Product Image (XRP Series)

XRP Series

Torque: Min.: 1 Nm (0.74 Max.: 10 Nm (7.38 Rotational speed: Min.: 16000 rpm (100530.97 rad.min-1) Max.: 39000 rpm (245044.23 rad.min-1)

Product Image (MRG / MRGS)

MRG / MRGS Series

  • Outer Diameter:16-65 Millimeter (mm)
  • Application:High precision XY stage / Machine tool / Cleaning equipment
  • Bore:3-32
  • Material:Aluminum